Payment card “Dokhidna”- feel financial freedom!
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  • Additional income and cash-back * at least every day - a daily charge of 11% per annum on the balance on the card. Return of 1% of the amount spent from the card for transactions in the trade and service network,
    20% - when paying for the services of the Internet provider "Frigate".
  • 24-hour remote control - the choice of the necessary banking operations through the system of Internet-banking "icON25". The ability to receive free
    SMS-notification of the operations performed.
  • The absence of a minimum balance on the card - cash can be used in 100%.
  • Zero commissions - no commission for payments in the sales and service network, for replenishing a card at the cash departments of CONCORD banks, for withdrawing cash at ATMs of any banks in Ukraine, for non-cash payments via Internet banking icON25.
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Important information

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“FC System" Terminal

«EasyPay» Terminals

* According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, personal income tax is deducted from the client's income in the amount of 18% of the income and the war tax in the amount of 1.5% of the income

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