Why CONCORD CLUB bonus program is just for you
  • The program is automatically available to holders of MC Platinum and MC World Elite, Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum class premium bank cards in national currency.
  • 1% cashback (refund to bonus account) of all payments.
  • 1 bonus = 1 UAH. When paying bonuses (paying remuneration), the bank as a tax agent independently pays taxes on behalf of the client, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Bonus rewards are exchanged through a convenient and functional service in the icON25 Internet-banking system.


What are the bonuses exchange restrictions?

The accumulated bonuses can be converted into money in the amount of from 100 UAH and not more than 1000 UAH per month!

Where can I check my bonus account?

You can check your bonus account by logging in to icON25 Internet-banking. In the web version on the main page among other cards you will see a "Bonus program" card. Or you can do it in the mobile version - the “cashback" tab.

How can I exchange bonuses for UAH?

To do this, in the icON25 mobile Internet-banking application, on the “cashback" tab, click the “Withdraw to card" button, and the amount will automatically be converted into UAH and will be transferred to your card.
As for the Internet-banking web-version, you need to go to the “Bonus program" tab and select a card to which convertible bonuses are credited. It's all over!

Where can I find out the official rules of the bonus program?

You can read the official rules in the icON25 Internet-banking web-version. “Bonus program" tab - “Bonus Program Official Terms".

Where can I keep track of bonuses?

In the icON25 Internet-banking web-version, “Bonus program" tab - “Statement". There you can choose the period for which you want to see bonuses.

What are bonuses awarded for?

Bonuses in the amount of 1% of the amount are accrued from all payments made in UAH on your card, except: - any operations to replenish a client card; - receipt of funds at ATMs and cash desks; - transfers of funds from a client card; - any operations in icON25 remote service system, that is, payment for services, P2P transfers, online currency exchange, etc.

What to do if I do not want to be a member of the CONCORD CLUB bonus program?

If the client does not want to participate in the bonus program, he/her is obliged to notify the bank in free form in writing by sending an application using the details specified in section 17 of JSC “JSCB “CONCORD" Public Agreement on Integrated Banking Services for Individuals.

What can I spend bonuses on?

You cannot spend bonuses. You need to exchange them for UAH. 1 bonus = 1 UAH + tax deduction, the bank as an agent automatically deducts when crediting the UAH to your card. After that, you can spend converted bonuses on anything: air tickets, dinner in a restaurant, hotel accommodation, procedures in a SPA salon, etc.

Use of bonuses

As a holder of premium cards, you can transfer accumulated bonuses into cash without any restrictions on the amount!

Exchanging bonuses for remuneration is available to customers in the Internet banking system “icON25"

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