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Connect your cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Apple Pay / Google Pay is a way to instantaneous contactless payments with one touch of your smartphone or Apple Watch. Only one time you save your card details in the mobile app , and then every time you pay you just place the phone to the terminal for half a second!

Have by iPhone 6 or newer? Connect to Apple Pay and pay twice as fast and easy!

How to connect cards to Apple Pay?

Method 1

  1. Sign up for icON25 online banking (for this download the icON25 from the App Store, log in and register by entering your first name, phone number and e-mail). Wait for the call from the call center and get the password for using online banking;
  2. Select the menu of cards in icON25 and click on the "Add to Apple Wallet" and select the device - iPhone or Apple Watch
  3. Accept Terms and conditions
  4. Done!

Method 2

  1. In the Wallet application, click on the plus in the upper right corner;
  2. Scan your card through the camera or enter the card data manually;
  3. Accept to the terms of use;
  4. Get the verification code by SMS.

Details https://concord.ua/apple-pay

Have an Android 4.4 version with an NFC chip? Connect to GooglePay and make purchases in a second!

How to connect cards to Google Pay?

  1. Download the Google Pay app to your phone
  2. In the application select "Add a card";
  3. Remove your card through the camera or manually enter the card data
  4. Done!

Details here https://concord.ua/google-pay