Merchant acquiring is not a mod, but a necessary step to increase sales!

We provide advanced equipment supporting magnetic, chipped cards, and calculations using modern contactless technologies:

Verifone 675 POS-terminal: mobile, portable, connected via SIM-card

Ingenico 3500 / 3G or Verifone 520 / 3G POS terminal: fixed, from a network, with an interconnect cable or SIM card connection

Installation and connection of the terminalfor free
Monthly subscription fee300 UAH. / unit
Commission on transactions carried out1,8% of the transaction amount

Why set up a POS-terminal from Bank Concord:

  1. Guarantee of receipt of funds to your account already on the next business day
  2. Ability to connect multiple companies / merchants to one terminal
  3. Its own processing center, which supports the reliable operation of the POS-terminals network
  4. Modern equipment supporting cards with magnetic stripe, chip and PayPass technology, Visa payWave, Google Pay
  5. Free provision of consumable and branded materials.

Three steps to Connecting the merchant acquiring with CONCORD Bank

1. The enterprise concludes the contract of acquiring with the bank.

2. Employees of the bank conduct registration of outlets of the enterprise in the system of the bank, prepare and customize the necessary equipment, train employees on the rules of work with bank cards and payment terminals, develop and offer a plan of marketing support.

3. After connecting and testing the equipment, the enterprise starts accepting payments by bank cards from the moment of launch.

Connect instant online payments
to your online business

Who needs it?

When tens of thousands of payments go through your online store or online service every day — from a banal communal flat to buying coffee or armor in a game, further business development is impossible without quick and uninterrupted payments.

How it works?

The Procard Processing Center from the founders of Concord Bank resolved these issues at the expense of its developments by increasing the speed of payments, reducing the bounce rate, and accordingly, increasing the number of satisfied customers several times.

How fast can I connect?

Connecting to the e-commerce system takes only 1 day immediately after signing the contract and integration of the site.

How to contact?
tel: +380 67 630 1903

Payroll projects in Concord Bank

Benefit for the company:

Flexibility at the disposal of financial resources of the company.

High efficiency in managing the payroll process.

Security of cashless payments in the modern system of Internet banking "icON business".

Ensuring the confidentiality of information about wages, which makes it possible to vary payments and stimulate workers with the help of bonuses and additional bonuses.

Increase employee loyalty due to privileges and special conditions of service.

Three steps "Implementation of the salary project in Concord Bank"

1. The company enters into a contract with the bank.

2. The Bank opens accounts for employees on the basis of filled out documents and issues plastic cards.

3. The company transfers the salary to the bank. The bank on the same day transfers the salary to the card accounts of employees.