Connect to icON25 Internet-Banking to:

  1. Pay for utilities, internet, TV and mobile without commission
  2. Open an online deposit and receive a bonus up to an annual rate of +0.5% in UAH and + 0.25% in US dollars
  3. No commission to make transfers between Concord bank cards
  4. Currency Exchange online
  5. Open up to 10 virtual cards in any currency without any visit to the bank
  6. Change the PIN code online
  7. Connect your cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay for everything with one touch of a smartphone
  8. View the account statement in real time and see the full card details (number, term and cvv)
  9. Make transfers of own funds on cards of any bank of Ukraine for 0.5% commission and MasterCard cards abroad - for 1,5%
  10. Make transfers / payments with full details of the accounts of other banks WITHOUT COMMISSIONS (available in web version)
  11. Store payment and transfer templates for regular payments (available in web version)

Utility Payment Instructions

To register by phone:

Download the icON25 application

For Android, here: Play Market
For iOS here: App Store

To register from a computer:

Go to the link

  1. Click on the "Registration" button.
  2. Get a temporary password to log in to icON25 and change it to a permanent one
  3. Done!