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Why Concord Pay merchant acquiring is just for you

  • Connect to Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay services - without intermediaries.
  • The lowest refund rate is only 2.4%.
  • Individual tariffs for companies with a turnover of more than 500 000 UAH per month.
  • Daily refund WITHOUT limit. We refund the funds that your customers transferred, regardless of the transaction size (already minus the commission). This has been made possible only thanks to ConcordPay without intermediaries.
  • One click payment option. The customer does not need to constantly enter the card number for payment. It is enough to enter the data once so that the system saves it. This will facilitate future purchases and increase the conversion of the site, while the payment time will be reduced several times.
  • Convenient and easy billing method.
  • You can prepare a bill in a few clicks. The customer receives a message by e-mail or in any messenger. To pay, just go to the specified link to the payment and enter the details of the payment card.
  • 1 day registration.
  • No subscriber fee, convenient personal account with payment analytics.
  • Complete transaction information is collected in one place. In your personal account you an complete lay-buy, carry out goods return operations and receive reports - all this is in an intuitive and accessible form.
  • "Live" support 24/7. Our experts will advise and assist at all stages of using the ConcordPay payment portal. We are ready to quickly solve tasks both day and night.
  • High level of security payments.

Questions and answers

1.Is it necessary to open an account in JSC “JSCB CONCORD"?

It is not necessary to open an account with our bank, but if funds are credited to the account opened with ConcordBank, you will receive undeniable benefits - the funds will be credited on the next calendar day.

You can also receive funds credited to an account opened with any bank in Ukraine, but in this case the funds will be credited only on the next business day.

2. Is it possible to open several stores at once and connect each to Concord Pay?

Yes, it is possible. You can use the number of stores (projects, merchants) you need in your Concord Pay account. It is absolutely free.

3. Who provides connection to Visa and Mastercard payment systems?

JSC “JSCB CONCORD" is a principal member of the Visa and Mastercard international payment systems, so we have a full package of acquiring licenses: ATMs, banking and trading terminals, as well as merchant acquiring. The independent processing center "Procard" provides a direct connection to the payment portals of Visa and Mastercard international payment systems.

4. How to get individual conditions for using Concord Pay?

If the monthly amount of payments exceeds 500 thousand UAH, you will be provided with individual terms of service on an ongoing basis.

5. Why can't I get a refund immediately after connecting the store to the system?

You can conduct active sales of goods or services after registering the store in your Concord Pay personal account. But the funds will be credited to the account after the activation of the store (according to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine).

6.Where can I see my store transactions?

You can manage store transactions in a convenient personal account of the Concord Pay portal: review or cancel the transaction, make a refund if necessary. You can manage invoices, regular payments, as well as secure transactions using your personal account.

7. How can I cancel a payment, make a return of goods or arrange the completion of a purchase after an order?

Find the desired transactions by its ID in your account. Select the cancellation procedure / completion of the purchase / return of goods and follow the instructions.

8. How can I get a discount on the tariff?

If the monthly amount of payments exceeds 500 000 UAH you will receive an additional discount - 0.1% of your tariff. The discount is provided automatically next month.

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