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Why insurance is just for you:

If you go abroad:

  • zero deductible;
  • from 50 UAH;
  • for tourists aged 1 to 70 years;
  • a choice of single-use and multi-use insurance;
  • the contract is executed in electronic format, and you can store it and use it using a smartphone.

If you need to effect a mandatory automobile liability insurance:

  • payment to injured persons up to 390000 UAH from 507 UAH;
  • availability of deductible options 2000 UAH and 0 UAH;
  • opportunity to increase the limit from 50 000 UAH.

If you need instant insurance, which takes effect from the moment of its activation:

  • Document protection for 80 UAH per year (reimbursement of expenses up to 5000 UAH for the restoration of a lost registration certificate or driver's license).
  • Driver protection for 70 UAH per year (reimbursement of up to 5000 UAH to a driver injured in a road accident).
  • Passenger protection for 60 UAH per year (reimbursement of up to 5000 UAH for passengers injured in a road accident).
  • Protection of the housing for 75 UAH per year (damages up to 15000 UAH as a result of flooding, fire, etc. in the apartment / house).
  • Liability towards neighbors for 50 UAH per year (compensation to neighbors for losses of up to 10000 UAH caused by the fault of the insured or residents of his apartment / house).
  • Health protection for 80 UAH per year (reimbursement of expenses up to 5000 UAH for medicines and diagnostics).
  • Child protection for 60 UAH per year (reimbursement of expenses up to 5000 UAH for medicines and diagnostics).

Questions and answers

1. How does insurance work?

During the opening of the policy, you need to pay the bank a certain amount under the contract - an insurance premium. In exchange for it, the bank compensates for losses in the event of an insured event. If this occurs, the bank takes the money for payments on contributions paid.

2. What is automobile liability insurance?

Insurance of Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners (ICL), the so-called "automobile liability insurance" is a type of insurance that is regulated, controlled, governed by the law of Ukraine. If the person who caused the road accident has a policy, the bank will pay the damage caused to him as a result of the insured event.

3. What can be insured?

There are four main types of insurance:

  • Housing (houses, apartments and rental property).
  • Cars and other vehicles.
  • Health and life.
  • Civil liability.

4. Can I get my insurance premiums back?

No. The principle of insurance is the accumulation of funds paid by the insured and setting them aside until the insured submits an application for payment due to the occurrence of an insured event. Accumulation can last for many years in the absence of incidents. However, it is never known at what point the insured event will occur and when the money will be needed.

5. What is included in car insurance?

Details of insured events are specified in the contract. The basic is to cover and manage the personal liability of using the vehicle. Next is insurance against physical damage to vehicles. Also, the policy may include cases of payments for medical needs or compensation in case of death or injury as a result of the work of transport.