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Why TaxFree4U is just for you

  • Profitable - up to 19% VAT refund.
  • Fast - crediting directly to your bank card.
  • Convenient - combining up to 30 checks in 1 declaration to overcome the minimum purchase amount (€ 1500).
  • Simple - we fill out a declaration for you.
  • Globally - we work with all stores that are VAT payers.
  • Modern - only a smartphone is required for a refund.

Questions and answers

1. How to understand that a store is a VAT payer?

99% of all stores (retailers) are VAT payers and provide invoices / checks where it is indicated: VAT equals 20%, which defines them as payers. If you make a purchase in a small store and you have doubts, you can check with the seller if the store is a VAT payer (VAT taxable retailer). You do not need to look for a store where the Tax Free operator logo is on the window.

2. What documents should I provide in order to use the TAXFREE4U service?

If this is your first time using the service, you must download a color copy of the first page opening of your international passport. After making a purchase, you must upload a photo of standard invoices / checks for purchased goods. Also, for an individual request of a TaxFree4U customer support officer, you must provide a color photo or a color scanned copy of your passport page containing visa information that gives you the right to enter and stay in the European Union. A photo of the visa is requested from you by the customer support department of TaxFree4U at the time you submit the Tax Free form, you should send the photo by e-mail: [email protected]

3. How can I get a VAT refund?

6 easy steps

  1. Download the TaxFree4U app from the AppStore or GooglePlay to your smartphone and enter “concord" as a promo code.
  2. Add your trip information to the TaxFree4U app.
  3. Take pictures of the checks and upload them.
  4. Download and print the prepared VAT refund form. We will inform you of its readiness. Print a declaration at your hotel reception.
  5. Present the VAT refund form at the border control and get the stamp of the customs officer, pass it and checks to TaxFree4U (through partners at European airports, dropping in a box at the Boryspil airport or deliver by “Nova Poshta" courier).
  6. Get a VAT refund on your card.

4. In which countries I can return the VAT paid using the TAXFREE4U service?

TaxFree4U provides its services in such countries:

  • France
  • Italy

5. How can I calculate the amount of VAT refund?

TaxFree4U charges for processing each Tax Free form. The refund amount is equal to the full amount of VAT paid minus the Tax Free form processing fee. The refund amount depends on the country and the amount of money spent. The refund amount can be calculated using the calculator on the site https://taxfree4u.eu/ru/calculator/.

6. In what currency will I receive a refund?

The refund will be credited in card currency. In case of non-cash refund in a currency other than the currency in which the Tax Free form was issued, the selling rate of a recognized European bank for servicing individuals is applied, plus a currency conversion fee.

7. Where and when should the originals of invoices /checks and declarations be sent?

After customs formalities, we ask you to take home the originals of the invoices / checks and the validated declarations.

Up to 21 days from the date of the formation of the declaration upon returning home, they must be transferred to the "Nova Poshta" in our name: TaxFree4U, Kyiv city, branch No. 58, be sure to include the recipient's phone number +38 063 48 57 530.

More information at: https://taxfree4u.eu