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Interview with Yurii Zadoia, Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank, for the project "25 leading banks of Ukraine during the war"

Despite the war, Ukrainian banks expand the range of opportunities to use banking services. 

New services for Ukrainians inside Ukraine, for Ukrainians abroad and for foreign clients - three areas of development, which were described in an interview for the project "25 leading banks of Ukraine during the war” Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank Yurii Zadoia.

In particular, Ukrainians will be able to open accounts with foreign IBAN. ConcordBank is already working on such an initiative. 

“We already satisfy virtually all the needs of customers within Ukraine, and within a single space of the program both functions for managing personal accounts and payments, and all functions for individual entrepreneurs are implemented. Currently, we are refocusing on refining product solutions for Ukrainians abroad. Our citizens who were forced to leave the country have to open accounts in foreign banks to receive various payments, benefits and salaries. However, this process abroad is much more complicated in terms of procedures and requires more time, and the level of banking service is lower than that to which Ukrainians are accustomed”, – Yurii Zadoia noted.

One of the problems Ukrainians face is how to transfer foreign currency funds to Ukrainian cards. “In the nearest future we will provide an opportunity to open accounts in ConcordBank with foreign IBAN: it became possible thanks to cooperation with our foreign technical partners. This account can be fully used as a European account: both for crediting revenues and conducting expenditure transactions“, – the top manager said.

Yurii Zadoia noted that the international payment system CordPay, which, together with ConcordBank, is part of the Concord Fintech Solutions fintech ecosystem, has already provided an opportunity to make cross-border payments. “This decision became especially relevant when at the beginning of the war Ukrainians left abroad en masse”, – he explained.

Read about other interesting solutions and opportunities that ConcordBank and Concord Fintech Solutions units are working on in the full interview at: https://banksrating.com.ua/analytics/velyki-perspektyvy/ 

Everything will be Ukraine!

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