What is APPLE PAY internet acquiring

This is a quick and convenient way to pay for goods or services on your website for owners of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the latest MacBooks). Users only save their bank cards’ details once in the Apple Wallet and then make purchases in Safari apps and browser without entering payment data, with one touch via TouchID or FaceID.

Why exactly Concord bank

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    Concord Bank is the second bank of 77 existing in Ukraine and the first of non-state banks to launch Apple Pay acquiring option.

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    Thanks to Concord bank, the most innovative companies already support Apple Pay in their iOS and Internet applications.

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    According to our customers - service providers, the conversion is doubled since customers used Apple Pay, and checkout time is faster with Apple Pay, compared to other payment methods.

How it works

  • Your customer adds a card to Apple Pay.

  • Selects the product on the website and clicks "pay using Apple Pay" under the product.

  • Instead of entering card details, the client confirms the payment by TouchID or FaceID, or by entering a password.

  • Payment successful!

Concord Bank brought Apple Pay acquiring to Ukraine

How to connect and how much does it cost

The connection procedure is FREE.
To connect, simply leave the contact details in this profile and we will contact you at a convenient time for you

Full security

Bank card data is not stored on devices and is not transferred anywhere when paying.

How will it look on the site

How will it look on the site?

Want to connect your devices to Apple Pay from Concord Bank? Learn how under the link

Want to connect your devices to Apple Pay from Concord Bank? Learn how under the link

Terms of Use

What can I pay through Apple Pay
You can’t pay for items that are prohibited from selling through Apple Pay (Read List>)
Register MerchantID
Usage and Branding Guidelines
Apple Pay Marketing Guidelines (read >)

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