The National Bank has simplified foreign exchange control for individual export and import operations.

In particular, operations for the export of works, services (except transport and insurance), intellectual property rights, to ensure the country's defense, adequate access to medical services for Ukrainians with rare diseases and the development of aerospace construction.

From now on, Ukrainian entrepreneurs and companies that provide services or perform work commissioned by foreign counterparties (except transport and insurance) should not adhere to the settlement period (at present, 365 days). That is, in terms of payment for these works services, it is not necessary to submit to the bank acts or other additional documents that confirm the timeliness of payments for their provision / performance.

Banks will not oversee the timing of payments for the supply of medicines to Ukraine in accordance with the agreements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the treatment services abroad for citizens with rare (orphan) diseases.

Also, the following are excluded from compliance with the specified settlement periods: import operations for the delivery of defense orders under government contracts, export / import of goods used for the production of space / aviation equipment and units, as well as import / export operations under product sharing agreements.

These mitigation measures were adopted in accordance with the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 67 of May 14, 2019.

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