Why term loan in CONCORDBANK is just for you

  • The possibility of receiving a loan in whole or in part, depending on the need.
  • The ability to pay interest not for the entire amount of available funds, but only for the amount borrowed.
  • The possibility of obtaining each part of the loan only on the basis of a letter of application.
  • The ability to open a credit line in advance and use it if necessary.
  • No monthly fee.

Client's costs for servicing Term Loan

Interest rate (per annum)21,0%
Credit initiation fee

1 % of the loan limitation

Monthly commission


Additional costs

- notary services in case of notarization of pledge agreements;
- insurance of a pledged item, the tariff for which is set by the insurance company depending on its type of pledge

Product passport

Questions and answers

In which currencies can I obtain a loan?


What factors are taken into account by the bank when making a decision?

  • Borrower's financial condition and average business turnover.
  • The quality of the project that is the subject of lending, and the prospect of business.
  • Borrower market position and industry status.
  • Credit history of the borrower and his business reputation.
  • Availability of collateral and willingness of company owners to provide guarantee.

For how long can I get a loan?

Up to 36 months inclusive.

For what needs can I use loan proceeds?

Working capital financing and the contract of sale payment.

When interest is accrued?

On the last banking day of the month for the reporting month and on the day of the final repayment of the loan or at another time determined by the decision of the collective body of the bank.