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Why ConcordBank guarantee of fulfillment of contractual obligations is just for you

  • The ability to get a guarantee promptly.
  • No paper bureaucracy.
  • Simple and understandable low one-time fee (without any hidden fees).
  • ConcordBank credit rating – uaAA with a “positive" outlook.


Guarantee amount

Standard terms

Terms under a General Agreement


up to UAH 10,000.00

UAH 1,500.00

UAH 1,000.00

from UAH 10,000.01 up to UAH 50,000.00

UAH 1,800.00

UAH 1,200.00

from UAH 50,000.01 up to UAH 100,000.00

UAH 2,500.00

UAH 1,500.00

from UAH 100,000.01





- contract with JSC "JSCB "CONCORD" details,
- 50% cash cover,
- guarantee of ultimate beneficial owners

- contract with JSC "JSCB "CONCORD" details,
- 20% cash cover  from the amount of UAH 300,000.00, 
- guarantee of ultimate beneficial owners *

* Guarantee for the total amount of the General Agreement.


Significant characteristics of the guarantee of fulfillment of contractual obligations

Questions and answers

Why do we need a guarantee of fulfillment of contractual obligations?

The terms of the tender documentation may provide for the provision of a guarantee for the performance of contractual obligations in case of victory in the tender
This is a document that confirms the fulfillment by the bidder of all obligations stipulated in the contract that is concluded with the Beneficiary (for example, a guarantee on the delivery of goods / works / services within the specified time period, at the stated price, etc.).

What is the amount of the guarantee for fulfilling contractual obligations?

In compliance with economic standards of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In what currency can a guarantee of contractual obligations be issued?

A guarantee of fulfillment of contractual obligations can be opened in hryvnias, euros or US dollars.

What requirements does the bank put to the client when issuing a guarantee of fulfillment of contractual obligations?

  • The customer is a legal entity registered in accordance with applicable law or an individual - a business entity, a resident of Ukraine.
  • There are no court decisions on the arrest, confiscation, enforcement of monetary funds and / or property against the customer (for an overall amount of more than 0.5 million UAH).
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings have not been initiated against the customer, the customer is not in the process of termination.
  • Lack of negative information regarding business owners, customer managers .
  • Transparency of customer ownership structure .
  • The Client must open a current account with the Bank and undertakes to service the contract, the guarantee of fulfillment of obligations for which is requested, through the current account with the Bank.


And what other privileges are there for business owners?

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