MoneGo - focus on MINI-percent under MAXI-conditions!
  • Instant transfer – it is enough to know the recipient`s payment card number – 16 digits placed on the front side – of any bank in Ukraine.
  • Ability to send without documents – the amount of up to UAH 15 000, and more up to UAH 50 000. Sender should have a passport or other identity document.
  • Fast crediting – the money will transfer to the recipient`s card within 2 minutes.
  • Transfer security – money transfers are carried out through international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.
How to make a MoneGo transfer?
  • Write the recipient`s card number and give it to the CONCORD bank cashier.
  • Enter the amount of the transfer to the cashier by paying the full amount of money transfer through MoneGo.
  • Done – the transfer is accomplished!
How to get a MoneGo transfer?
  • The only thing you need is to check your card balance.
Tariffs for sending money through the MoneGo system


Transfers in Ukraine



от 0,01 грн.

1% + 5 грн. – вне зависимости от суммы перевода

Essential characteristics of services (operations) for transferring funds without opening
current account

Transfers from card to card of any bank in Ukraine
Transfers from card to card of any bank in Ukraine
Via Internet banking «icON25»