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Why securities and ConcordBank

1. JSC "JSCB "CONCORD" as a securities trader (investment company) provides a full range of financial services in the capital markets for trading in financial instruments provided for in the NBU license No. 230 dated 07.11.2011 and the licenses of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC):

  • “Professional activity in the capital markets for trading in financial instruments - Sub-brokerage activity and Brokerage activity” (perpetual license of the NSSMC - series AD No. 034476 dated 18.07.2012);
  • “Professional activity in the capital markets for trading in financial instruments — Dealer activity” (perpetual license of the NSSMC - series AD No. 034474 dated 18.07.2012);
  • "Professional activity in the stock market - custody activity - Custody activity of a custodial institution" (perpetual license of the NSSMC — No. 1484 dated 18.09.2015).

2. ConcordBank is a member of a number of professional associations:

  • Member of the “Ukrainian Stock Traders" association (certificate No. 033 dated 02.07.2009);
  • Member of the “Professional Association of Capital Markets and Derivatives" (PAMD), (certificate No. 580 dated 07.10.2015).

3. ConcordBank has an extensive network of branches throughout Ukraine, so a client only needs to contact any branch that will allow:

  • to form a package of documents for the conclusion of the General Agreement on the provision of investment services and create orders for the provision of investment services;
  • to open, if necessary, a current account, as well as to provide documents for opening a securities account for its opening;
  • to create an Order for the provision of investment services on financial instruments both in the unorganized market and in the organized market (on the stock exchange PJSC "FB "PERSPEKTIVA").

4. ConcordBank provides such investment services:

  • purchase, sale, exchange, repo transactions, loan of securities or other financial instruments;
  • advice on financial investments in securities and other financial instruments.

5. ConcordBank also provides services for accounting, avalization, domiciliation, storage and collection of promissory notes issued by legal entities and individuals in payment for delivered goods, services provided or work performed.


Questions and answers

Why should I buy securities through a bank?

Regardless of its economic nature and terminology (stocks, bonds, bills, etc.), securities are a special form of capital existence. They can be transferred instead of capital, circulate in the market as a commodity and make a profit. Their essence is that capital itself does not seem to exist, but there are all rights to it, which are fixed by security. At the same time, it's very difficult to just buy it from a private individual. The centralized option is an organized securities market (stock market). No organization without a serious audit (listing procedure) can enter this market. In addition, according to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Securities and the Stock Market", in order to carry out transactions on the purchase, sale, exchange of securities, a person conducting transactions with securities must have a special license from the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market or contact a professional securities trader, that is, contact us.


What are domestic government loan bonds?

Domestic government loan bonds — it is a type of securities, bonds of the domestic government loan of Ukraine, which are issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. In exchange for domestic government loan bonds, the Ministry receives money from investors at a certain percentage.

What can I pay with a commodity bill of exchange?

Bills may be issued in payment of monetary debt for goods delivered, work performed, services rendered.

Do I need to amend the contracts with suppliers for the possibility of settlements with bills?

Yes, this option must be provided for by the terms of the contract.

What is considered to be security?

Securities - these are documents proving the obligation of relations between persons and, in accordance with the law, they can be an independent object of rights. They

  • corporate bonds
  • government bonds of Ukraine
  • local loan bonds
  • treasury bonds of Ukraine
  • savings (deposit) certificates
  • bills of exchange
  • international financial organizations bonds.

What is the rate of purchase and sale of securities on behalf and at the expense of customers?

0.1% of the contract amount, but not less than 1000 UAH.

What are the tariffs for bills transactions?

1. Provision of a bill guarantee (bill avalization) - 0.15-2% of the nominal value of a bill.

2. Domicilation of bills - 0.1-2% of the nominal value of bills.

3. Bills collection - 0.15-2% of the nominal value of the bill, min. 250 UAH + Actual expenses (damno, porto, protest of a bill, etc.).

4. Storage of bills - 100 UAH per month for 1 bill.

The mechanism of consumer protection by the Merchant and the procedure for settling disputes arising in the process of providing financial services:

Consumer protection is realized through the acceptance and consideration of complaints.

Disputes arising in the process of providing financial services are settled through the pre-trial process, including through negotiations. If such a settlement is not possible, disputes shall be settled by a court on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Complaints from consumers of financial services are accepted:

  • at the postal address: 49000, Dnipro, Troitska square, house 2
  • by e-mail: depo@concord.ua