“Banking Metals” Package Tariffs

Opening an account


Current account maintenance in banking metals

Included to an account opening cost

Transfer of banking metals within the Bank to other client`s

Included to an account opening cost

Outgoing payment cost

50 USD

Banking metals issuing from the current account


Connection up and maintenance of Internet banking “icON business”


Operational time

till 17.00

Why the “Banking metals” package is just for you
  • 1 UAH - the cost of opening a current account in banking metals.
  • Possibility of round-the-clock access to own funds and remote control in icON business.
  • Free issuance of banking metals from a current account.
  • Consultation of a qualified bank employee on trends in the banking metals market.
  • Close contact with bank dealers in the process of buying / selling banking metals.
  • The possibility of depositing banking metals to the current account in bullions.
  • The ability to receive banking metals from the current account (purchased with physical delivery or deposited into the account in bullions).
How to get?
  • Fill in the application on the bank`s website or visit the CONCORDBANK branch.
  • Provide the necessary package of documents (if you have not opened a settlement account yet).
  • Sign the contract at any branch of the CONCORDBANK.
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