Did you know

  1. 83% of customers who went to withdraw money for the purchase will not be returned
  2. The share of non-cash payments in Ukraine is 44.3%, and by 2020 it will be more than 55%
  3. The number of payment cards in Ukraine is 63 million.
  4. For 2017 in Ukraine, 1 billion 170 million settlements were carried out in the trade network for a total amount of UAH 267 billion

Merchant acquiring from CONCORD Bank is:

  1. Installing a POS terminal guarantees an increase in sales and profits, incl. at the expense of customer loan funds
  2. The presence of the terminal will reduce the cost of collection, and avoid difficulties with the delivery and exchange
  3. Working with a POS terminal ensures that there is no risk of accepting counterfeit bills, even by an inexperienced employee.
  4. You have the ability to control the calculations, and receive information on all transactions in electronic form
POS terminal installationFree
Commission on operations carried out through the POS-terminal

2% of the transaction amount

Monthly fee300 UAH
Issue of a corporate cardFree
Opening and maintaining an account for FOPfrom 30 UAH
Income on balances on a savings accountup to 9% per annum

By concluding an acquiring agreement you get:

  1. Simple, low cost, flexible rates.
  2. Guaranteed receipt of funds to the account on the next business day
  3. Connecting several merchants to one terminal
  4. Modern equipment that supports magnetic stripe cards, chip and technology PayPass, Visa payWave, Apple Pay and Google Pay
  5. Own processing center supports the operation of a network of POS-terminals and guarantees complete confidentiality
  6. Own contact center provides round-the-clock support.

Instructions for using the trading POS-terminal