From a simple mechanism for calculating money –
to the service of great opportunities!
  • Payroll Card Projects at CONCORD bank – exclusive not just in words
    There is practical benefit for both the company and its employees.
  • Official business partner of new innovative processing center “Prokard”
    It is certified in accordance with the world security requirements, ensures stable and uninterrupted operation of bank`s cards and ATMs, operative transaction servicing and card payments.
  • Close cooperation with IPS Visa International and Master Card WorldWide
    The implementation of the Payroll Card Project is based on both standard cards, and premium cards.
  • Transparent price policy
    Service rates are flexible. Minimal commission for payroll accounting and other social payments to employees salary accounts.
  • Personal manager for salary project
    Assigning a personal manager of the bank to the company will ensure the most comfortable maintenance of a project.

Benefits for the company:

Flexibility in the disposal of the company`s financial resources.

High efficiency of managing the payroll process.

Security of non-cash transactions in the modern Internet banking system “icON business".

Providing confidentiality of information on wages, which makes it possible to vary payments and stimulate employees through rewards and bonuses.

Increasing the employees loyalty with the help of privileges and special conditions of service.

Benefits for employees:

  1. Free issue of a card and opening of an account.
  2. 24-hour access to accounts, remote control via Internet banking “icON25".
  3. Free cash withdrawal over the bank`s counters, ATMs and banks-partners.
  4. The breadth of application (payment for goods and services all over the world, making money transfers, participating in joint bank actions and the IPS Visa, MasterCard, obtaining additional profit on the bank`s deposit programs, having access to other services and products of the bank).
  5. Security of cash storage. If you lost your card – you can block the account by calling at any time.
Three steps for the realization of Payroll Card Project in CONCORD bank
  • An enterprise concludes an agreement with the bank.
  • The bank opens accounts for employees on the basis of filled documents and issues plastic cards.
  • An enterprise transfers the salary to the bank. The bank transfers salaries to card accounts of employees on the same day.

Types of cards offered when implementing a Payroll Card Project

MC Debit World Instant Issue