Advantages of the Deposit “For Pensioners”


up to 13.75% per annum


from UAH 500.

Interest repaying


Convenience deposit terms

3, 6 and 12 months+1 day

Deposit Rate plus


Interest repaying


Preferential terms of early termination

Are present

*From the income of the client, the personal income tax deducted at the rate of 18% of income and the military fee of 1.5% of income

CONCORD Bank is a permanent participant of the Guarantee Fund for Individuals' Deposits (Certificate No. 193 dated January 18, 2007,)

Conditions for deposit "for pensioners"

Amount 3 months 6 months 12 months + 1 day
UAH (min. from 500 UAH) 13,50% 13,75% 13,75%
With early termination 3,5% 3,75% 3,75%
Replenishment Not provided Not provided Not provided
Minimum balance Not provided Not provided Not provided
Partial issue Not provided Not provided Not provided


When you make a deposit "for Pensioners" in the legal case, you must have a copy of the pension certificate of a citizen of Ukraine
or a document confirming the right to receive social benefits.


Open a deposit

When opening a deposit in “icON25”
you will receive for each deposit + 0.5% in hryvnia
and + 0.25% in US dollars or in euros

Open via “icON25”
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