Ability to pay for purchases abroad and accommodation in foreign currency

- the possibility of withdrawing cash at any ATM in the world;
- Opening an account in foreign currency and no problems with cash withdrawal.


Withdrawal from all ATMs of the country without commission

- free registration;
- crediting of funds to the account the day.

inJoy - try the perfect card for visa-free travel!
inJoy - try the perfect card for visa-free travel!

inJoy is an ideal card with a possibility of a credit limit

- exchange of hryvnia in all currencies - without %;
- replenishment and withdrawal in Ukraine - without %;


Exclusively for parents of Twins & Twins
Up to 50% off child services and merchandise across the country

CONCORD Bank Payment cards -
feel financial freedom by touch!
  • World without borders – card`s funds are not a subject to declaration when going abroad and automatically converting from hryvnia to a currency needed to pay for goods and services.
  • 24-hour access to cash – withdrawals in a wide network of ATMs in Ukraine and abroad
  • Additional income and unique cash-back programs - interest on the card balance and the return of a fixed percentage of the amount spent from the card as bonuses.
  • Security of non-cash payments and safety of funds - payment for goods and services is received solely for the intended purpose, and cash kept on the card saves even in case of its theft or loss
  • Extensive replenishment options - remotely using Internet banking “icON25”, at the cash desks of CONCORD Bank branches, as well as in more than 600 terminals of the “Systema” network and more than 2000 terminals of the OMP 2013 network (TM TYME).
Getting a card is quick and easy!

It is enough to contact one of the CONCORD Bank branches or to leave a request on the website. Our specialist will find a payment card according to your criteria and advise you on the required set of documents for submission to the bank.

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Required documents
  • Passport (original).
  • TIN (original).
  • You may need other documents for processing credit cards.