Factors considered by the bank when making a decision:
  • Existence of an opened or opening deposit account.
  • Willingness of a borrower or a property guarantor to provide a deposit money mortgage.
Why do we need a mortgage deposit credit?

The main purpose is to provide a client with an opportunity to use term deposit finances, until the end of the deposit period, while maintaining the deposit profitability.

When do we need a deposit-secured credit?

Business expansion, urgent obligations repayment, reserve for unforeseen situations.

Mortgage deposit credit in CONCORD bank -
simply and profitably!
  • Simplified registration procedure
    Quick decision-making by the bank. Minimal documents package.
  • Maximum credit amount
    Credit amount is up to 98% of the deposit amount, which is pledged. The percentage rate is lower than for other credit types.
  • Flexible approach to mortgage requirements
    Financing providing as secured by a deposit of a legal entity as well as secured by a deposit of a natural person.
  • Deposit revenue assurance
    Taking of a non-loss credit of accrued deposit interest of an owner or a property guarantor.