Why the deposit-secured loan in CONCORDBANK is just for you

  • Loan amount - up to 98% of the deposit amount, which is pledged. The interest rate is lower than for other types of loans.
  • The possibility of providing financing upon the security of both a legal entity and an individual.
  • Receiving a loan without losing the accrued interest on the deposit of the owner or property guarantor.

Client expenses for deposit-secured loan servicing

Interest rate (per annum)

deposit interest rate +3 % (if the loan currency matches the deposit currency)

Loan origination fee


Monthly fee


Product passport

Questions and answers

What factors are taken into account by the bank when making a decision?

  • The presence in the bank of an already open or opening fixed deposit.
  • Willingness of the borrower or property guarantor to provide a pledge - funds deposited with a bank.

Why do I need a deposit-secured loan?

You are given the opportunity to use the funds that are on the fixed deposit, until the deposit expiresAt the same time, the profitability of the deposit remains.

In what situations do I need a deposit-secured loan?

For example, business expansion, urgent repayment of obligations and / or formation of reserves in case of unforeseen situations.

In which currencies can I obtain a loan?


What is the maximum validity period of a loan agreement?

A loan agreement can be issued for up to 24 months. Validity period must be 5 banking days less than the term of the deposit agreement.

Do I need to obtain insurance to get a loan?

No, insurance and notarization of contracts are not required when applying for a deposit-secured loan.