Factors considered by the bank when making a decision:

  • Financial standing of a borrower and an average business turnover.
  • Loaned project quality and business development prospect.
  • Market position of a borrower and field state.
  • Credit history of a borrower and his business reputation.
  • Security and availability to provide a company owners guarantee.

Credit line - the ability to take credit partially and in the long run!

The intended use can vary, but the business need is one. When it is more convenient for companies to borrow a non-fixed amount and pay interest of all amount, but to choose borrowed funds in separate tranches as needed within the agreed period, only without having to draw up each tranche as a separate loan, they resort to a credit line

Fortunately, there is still a choice – with or without restoration of a credit limit in case of repayment by a client of a received loan or its part.

CONCORD Bank credit line - where conditions meet expectations:

  • «Decision-making time»
    Expeditious consideration of a credit project.
  • «Flexible service rates»
    Transparent price policy. Interest is paid when using funds only.
    The accrual of interest is realized not on the whole amount of available funds, but only on the amount borrowed by a client.
  • «Time saving to fund rising»
    Ability to open a credit line in advance and to use it if necessary.
  • «Individual approach to the credit payments period»
    Ability to choose a convenient repayment schedule for a client, taking into account business features
  • «Positive customer feedback»

Customer line service costs

Interest rate (per annum)


Credit initiation fee

1,0% of the lending limit

Monthly commission

Is absent

Additional expenses

- Notary services (in case of notarization of pledge agreements)
- Insurance of a pledged item (the tariff is set by the insurance company depending on the pledged item)

Product passport "Revolving credit line"

Non-revolving Credit Line Product Passport

Trench Credit Line Product Passport