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Why deposits from ConcordBank are just for you

  • The ability to choose a deposit to fit your needs: only save or accumulate.
  • Deposits are passive earnings without effort.
  • Fixed income protected against inflation.
  • The ability to accumulate or save in foreign currency.
  • Holding money in a reliable bank is safer than at home “under the mattress".

Questions and answers

What is a deposit and how does it work?

A client deposits funds to a bank deposit account. Under the terms of the agreement, the bank is obliged to save and return the funds received, and then to pay the agreed amount of interest for using them. Assets may be funds or precious metals.

Which deposits are the most profitable?

The profitability depends on the deposit currency. Deposits in UAH allow you to get the most income due to high interest rates.

What should I look for when making a deposit?

  • The ability of the bank to change the interest rate during the term of the deposit.
  • Conditions for the return of funds after the expiration of the deposit and extension of the agreement.
  • Special conditions for early repayment of a deposit.
  • Bank participation in the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

What is the tax on deposits in Ukraine?

Now, from income on deposits, depositors must pay 19.5% of taxes to the state budget. Of these, 18% is the personal income tax, 1.5% is the military levy.

Why a bank should be a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund?

Deposit Guarantee Fund is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the Individual Deposits Guarantee System". Today, almost all banks in Ukraine, including JSC “JSCB KONKORD" (JSC “JSCB KONKORD" certificate of the Fund's participant No. 184 dated 22.11.2012), are its participants. In the event of bank bankruptcy, depositors can rely on government compensation for invested funds in the amount of up to UAH 200 000.

*From the income of the client, the personal income tax deducted at the rate of 18% of income and the military fee of 1.5% of income

CONCORD Bank is a permanent participant of the Guarantee Fund for Individuals' Deposits (Certificate No. 193 dated January 18, 2007)

Comparative table of deposit rates
Deposit/rate Accumulative Classic+ For Pensioners
3 months 8,75% 1,5% 0,75% 9,0% 1,75% 9,25%
6 months 9,25% 1,5% 1,00% 9,50% 1,75% 9,75%
12 months 10,25% 1,5% 1,25% 10,50% 1,75% 10,75%
36 months - 1,75% 1,25% - - -
  • When re-issuing a deposit at a bank branch - the rate increases by 0,3% in national currency and by 0,2% in foreign currency with simultaneous fulfilment of conditions:
    - the amount of the deposit is equal to and/or exceed the previous amount of the deposit;
    - re-issuance is carried out within 10 working days from the date of closing the previous deposit at the Bank.
  • Loyalty programs apply to "Classic+" and "Accumulative" deposits.
  • Simultaneous application of several loyalty programs to one deposit is not allowed.


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