Why do we need a depository?

Most securities in the stock market cannot be checked by touch. They are in a non-documentary form – exist electronically. When buying shares or bonds, they need to be credited somewhere, indicating the right to own them. To do this, custody account is opened in the depository. It is on it will belong to the owner of the paper. Typically, the depot is opened in the same bank that provides services for buying and selling securities. This is very convenient for the client, since all operations are performed in one place.

Regulations on the depository activity of Concord Bank

CONCORD bank is a professional participant of the securities market

The Bank carries out all types of securities transactions provided for by license No. 230 of the National Bank of Ukraine dated November 7, 2011 and licenses of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission:

“Professional activity on the stock market – securities trading activity - Brokerage activity" (unlimited license of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission – series AД No. 34476 dated 18.07.2012);

“Professional activities on the stock market – securities trading activity - Brokerage activity" (unlimited license of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission - series AД No. 34474 dated 18.07.2012);

“Professional activity on the stock market – depository activity – Depository activity of the depositary institution" (unlimited license of the National Securities and Stock Market Commision - No. 1484 dated 18.09.2015).

CONCORD bank also belongs to a number of professional associations:

Member of the Association “Ukrainian Stock Traders" (certificate No. 033 dated 02.07.2009);

Member of the Professional Association of Capital Markets and Derivatives (PARD), (certificate No. 580 dated 07.10.2015).



Providing the licensee with access to the premises and the availability of financial services to people with disabilities and low mobility groups

Information for Clients about the need to amend the agreement for servicing the securities account

Depository institution CONCORD of the bank is a full range of depository services to legal entities and individuals:

Opening of an account for the recording of securities.

Providing securities holders with statements after each transaction and reports on the movement of securities for a certain period upon request.

Accounting for the transfer of ownership of securities.

Informing the client about all corporate actions of the issuer, securities of which are recorded on the client's account, and provision of any information received from the issuer and the depositary.

Participation in meetings of shareholders on behalf of the client.

Receipt of income on securities accounted on the account of the owner of securities in the depository institution, with subsequent transfer to the account of the owner.

Provision of information and consulting services on the circulation of securities in the National Depository System of Ukraine.

All transactions with securities of depositors are conducted within the National Depository System on the basis of software products of the National Depository of Ukraine and the Depository of the National Bank of Ukraine.