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Register at icON business and get:

  • Simple interface, quick access to accounts anytime.
  • Information security and confidentiality.
  • The ability to receive and make payments from account to account using any computer or laptop anywhere in the world.
  • Information about the balance in the account of the company, which is updated instantly online and comes to you directly to your phone (just activate the SMS-Informer service).
  • Cash flow statement for account in a convenient format with the ability to export all your payments and documents to the 1C Accounting program.
  • The ability to make both UAH and foreign currency transfers, including the foreign currency purchase / sale, without the need to come to the bank.
  • Triple data protection system.
  • The ability to monitor the accrual of interest on deposits.
  • The ability to monitor the movement of credit funds and interest on them.
  • The ability to transfer salaries to your employees.

Questions and answers

1. How can I register with icON business?

1. Open an account in ConcordBank.

2. When opening an account, you will receive a password and login for free use of icON business.

3. In case of any questions, call the number:

(0562) 31-04-37, (067) 818-80-48. Non-working days: (050); (068); (056) 734-50-05


2. Is it possible to control my finances from another country?

Yes, you only need a laptop or computer with internet access.


3. How the triple data protection system works?

  • A company representative generates his/her private key in icON business.
  • Sets a password known only to the accountant / manager.
  • To confirm operations, a one-time password is sent to the phone number indicated by the company representative.

More information: - Rules for the use and storage of key information carriers in case of using the icON business Internet-banking system (integral part of the Agreement on opening and servicing a current account with the issue of corporate payment cards)

4. What should I do if I forget my password from the icON business personal account?

Call our contact center, contact your personal manager or visit the nearest bank branch.

5. Is there an icON business mobile app?

There is currently no application. But mobile version of Internet-banking is being developed, so stay tuned.