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Why opening a ConcordBank account is for you

  • Opening and maintaining accounts in national and foreign currencies (UAH, USD, EUR, PLN, gold, GBP, Canadian dollar).
  • Free access and secure storage of funds.
  • Quick transfer of funds to any other current account, including the account of a legal entity.
  • Receipt of funds from other accounts, including from legal entities.
  • Access to proxy account.
  • Providing statements of the client's account.



What tariff packages does ConcordBank offer?

Our bank offers such tariff packages:

Tariff “Morskyi"/"Marine"

Tariff “Shvydkyi krok"/"Quick steps"

Tariff “Bankivski metaly"/"Bank metals"

Questions and answers

1. What operations can be performed through the cash desks of your bank

The cash desks of our bank perform the following operations:

  • acceptance of all types of payments from individuals to the accounts of legal entities;
  • purchase and sale of cash foreign currency;
  • sale of commemorative coins;
  • recalculation and authentication of banknotes in national and foreign currencies;
  • replenishment of mobile accounts, payment of communal services, Internet in cash through the cash desk;
  • payment of fines and tuition fees.

See all tariffs for each of our branches here

2. Where can I see the rates for opening an account in your bank?

You can see all the rates for opening an account here and if you have any questions, call the contact center of our bank.

3. What are the general conditions for settlement and cash servicing of current (except for card) accounts of individuals?

First, % on the balance on the account is not accrued. The account can be opened in such currencies as UAH, USD, EUR, PLN, gold, GBP, Canadian dollar. There is no minimum amount of the account balance, as well as requirements for cash withdrawal, the main thing is that it was within the account balance. You can replenish the account in both cash and non-cash forms. Regarding related payments that may occur when you open an account:

- cost of opening an account - from 0.1 UAH to 50 UAH;

- taxation of the client's income: personal income tax, UAH - 18%, military tax - 1.5%.

IMPORTANTLY! The client submits documents confirming the sources of funds, if the amount of account replenishment is equal to or exceeds (the amount specified by the legislation of Ukraine) or equal to or exceeds such amount in foreign currency, bank metals, equivalent at the official exchange rate of hryvnia to foreign currencies and bank metals.

Read more information about the conditions of settlement and cash service here

4. What are the advantages of the tariff “Morskyi"/“Marine"?

  • Compact package of necessary documents - passport, identification code, seafarer's certificate.
  • The minimum cost of opening an account in foreign currency is 50 UAH.
  • Free account maintenance.
  • Round-the-clock access to own funds on the account - fast transfer of funds to any other current account.
  • Access to the account of proxies - at the request of the client.
  • “Regular payments" program - send regular customer payments automatically.
  • Ability to open an account in USD or EUR.
  • Tariff for non-cash transfer - 3% (min. $ 35), for cash (in case of depositing cash on the account) - 3.5% (min. $ 35).
  • Cash withdrawal rate: funds received on the account in cash and funds received from own deposit accounts - the withdrawal fee is included in the cost of opening an account, but for funds received on the current account in non-cash form (except for those received from own deposit accounts) - commission 0.6% of the amount.
  • Available for customers of Odesa branch No. 17.

Read more about package rates here

5. What can you tell us about the tariff package “Shvydkyi krok"/"Quick steps"?

This tariff package is ideal for settlements between sellers and buyers under sales contracts, which are subject to notarization.

The following services are available within this package:

  • Opening an account (s) for the buyer and/or the seller.
  • Crediting funds to the buyer's account.
  • Execution of a payment order for the transfer of funds to the seller.
  • Transfer of funds to the seller's account.
  • Execution of documents confirming the calculations.
  • Withdrawal of funds from the seller's account.
  • Closing the account(s) of the seller and/or buyer.
  • Non-cash crediting of funds received from the accounts of other banks.

A single commission is paid for all this - 0.1% (min 400 UAH) of the amount of the property purchase and sale transaction. It is paid in national currency by the buyer/seller or the seller and the buyer in equal shares.

In the case of non-cash crediting of funds received from the accounts of other banks, a commission is paid - 0.5%, and it is accrued from the amount of crediting.

Read more about tariffs here

6. What can you tell us about the tariff package “Bankivski Metaly"/"Bank metals"?

This tariff package is designed for those who often carry out transactions with bank metals.

- Can be opened in currencies such as USH, USD, EUR, GBP and PLN.

- 50 UAH - the cost of opening an account, but for holders of premium cards from CONCORDBAK who open an account in dollars, opening is free.

- Commission for transfers of funds:

in UAH - 0.5% (min 2.50 UAH);
in USD, EUR, GBP and PLN (without further conversion) - 20 dollars;
in USD (with subsequent conversion) - 50 dollars.
on the basis of individual licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine in electronic form:
in USD - 0.5% (min 50 USD);
in EUR - 0.5% (min 65 EUR) + commission of correspondent banks;
in GBP - 0.5% (min 50 GBP) + commission of correspondent banks;
in PLN - 0.5% (min 150 PLN) + commission of correspondent banks.

In this case, the commission of correspondent banks shall be paid within 15 banking days from the date of receipt of information on such commission from the correspondent bank.

Connection (standard) to the remote service system “Client-Bank" - 100 UAH.

Issuance of funds received in cash or non-cash forms - 1% of the amount.

Disbursement of funds received from deposit accounts - the commission is included in the cost of opening an account.

Tariffs and a list of additional transactions within the package can be found here

7. I still have a few questions about tariff packages, who can I contact with?

For more information, call our contact center: + 380(50), (68), (56) 734 50 05, write to us on social networks:

Facebook: @Concord Bank

Instagram: @concordbank

Twitter: t.me/YourConcordBank

Or contact the nearest bank branch.