Payment guarantee

  • The Bank's obligation to make a payment in case of failure by the principal to fulfill contractual obligations to pay for goods (services) received with deferred payment.

Down Payment Refund Guarantee

  • The Bank's obligation to make a payment in case of non-delivery by the principal of goods (non-performance of works), for which an advance payment had previously been made.

Advising bank guarantees

  • Sending to another participant in the guarantee transaction an official notice of the operation (issue, amendment, cancellation, etc.).

What are we better than others?

  • The opportunity to get a guarantee for 1 hour and 1 visit to the bank
  • Simple, clear, low and one-time fee (without any hidden fees)
  • Now Concord Bank uaAA credit rating with a stable outlook. Such rating is given by the companies of OJSC Ukrpochta, Privat Bank and others. This rating allows us to work with the largest companies such as PJSC Ukrgasproduction and NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine

Guarantee Commission:

Guarantee AmountCommission Size
Up to 10 000,00 UAH.UAH 1,500.00
From 10 000,01 UAH. up to 50 000,00 UAH.UAH 1,800.00
From 50 000,01 UAH. up to 100 000,00 UAH.UAH 2,000,00
From 100 000.01 UAH. up to UAH 300,000.003% of the amount
From 300 000.01 UAH.2.75% of the amount

Tariffs for advising bank guarantees

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