A bank guarantee is more than just a business card for customers!

A bank guarantee for both a tour operator (whose destiny is to pack tours and form a package of services for tourists) and a travel agency (those who actually sell tours organized by the tour operator) is a prerequisite for the company's work in the tourism business. But for those and others, this is more than just the observance of the norms of the Law of Ukraine “On Tourism" and the requirements of the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts. This is a kind of business card for clients, a guarantee of ensuring the rights and interests of citizens in case the company is declared bankrupt or is unable to fulfill its obligations to tourists. And for the business of a tour operator / travel agency, this is reputation and customers.

The amount of the bank guarantee CONCORD Bank

Depending on what kind of tourism, domestic or foreign, provides a tour operator, depends on the amount of bank guarantee CONCORD Bank:

  1. for domestic tourism (receiving and sending tourists on the territory of Ukraine) - 10 000 euro (EUR);
  2. for overseas tourism (receiving and sending tourists abroad) - 20 000 euro (EUR);
  3. for travel agencies, the amount of the Guarantee is 2,000 Euros (EUR).

Guaranteed tour operator / travel agency from CONCORD Bank -
is the ease of design and ease of use!

  • Low rates.
  • The minimum package of documents.
  • Providing a guarantee for the 1st day.
  • Payment of a one-time fee without other hidden fees
  • Providing a guarantee without deposit, without guarantee, without opening an account.

CONCORD Bank provides other types of guarantees:

  • CONCORD Bank provides other types of guarantees:
    Payment bank guarantee (payment guarantee).
  • CONCORD Bank provides other types of guarantees:
    Advance payment guarantee.
  • CONCORD Bank provides other types of guarantees:
    Performance guarantees under the contract.