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Advantages of the Deposit “Accumulative”


from 4,75% to 17,75% per annum in UAH
from 1,25% to 3% in USD
from 0,5% to 1,25% in EUR

Deposit currency



1 000 UAH for the term 1 month
from 1 000 UAH/100 USD/100 EUR for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months
from 100 000 USD/70 000 EUR for a period of 36 months*

Interest repaying


Deposit term

1, 3, 6, 12 and 36 months

Possibility to replenish

yes: for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months — in the first 2, 4, 9 months (from 1 000 UAH/ 100 USD/ 100 EUR)
for 1 month and on 36 months — no limit

Early termination

It is provided by submitting a relevant application within 2 working days at the Bank's branch

* The minimum amount of the deposit is 100 dollars/euro, if the deposit is a pledge under a loan agreement, a surety agreement or another loan product of the bank

From the income of the client, the personal income tax deducted at the rate of 18% of income and the military fee of 1.5% of income

ConcordBank is a permanent participant of the Guarantee Fund for Individuals' Deposits (Certificate No. 193 dated January 18, 2007)

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Significant characteristics of term deposits

Public contract

Deposit contract template


Terms for the Deposit "Cumulative"

Currency 1 month 3 months (95 days) 6 months 12 months+1 day 36 months
UAH 4,75% 14,75% 17,75% 16,25% -
USD - 2% 2,5% 3% 1,25%
EUR - 0,5% 0,5% 0,5% 1,25%


Terms of replenishment (in terms and amount):

Term Terms of replenishment
Amount TERM
1 month min 1000 UAH without restrictions
3 month min 1000 UAH, 100 USD, 100 EUR During the first 2 months
6 month During the first 4 months
12+1 day During the first 9 months
36 month  without restrictions  without restrictions


Warning about possible consequences for the depositor when using the bank deposit service.

  1. The depositor has the right to refuse to conclude a bank deposit agreement, if such right is stipulated by law.
  2. Profit received by the Depositor as interest on the bank deposit shall be subject to taxation in accordance with the terms of the current legislation of Ukraine.
  3. Profits earned by the Depositor as interest on a deposit may result in the loss and/or reduction of benefits or subsidies if the Depositor receives them.
  4. When funds are credited to the deposit account opened with the Bank, the Bank undertakes to return them under the terms and conditions of the concluded agreement.
  5. The Bank shall not be entitled to unilaterally amend the bank deposit agreements, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law.
  6. There are no additional services related to deposit attracting.
  7. The Bank is prohibited to require the Depositor to purchase any goods or services from the Bank and/or a related or affiliated person of the Bank as a prerequisite for the use of this banking service.
  8. In the absence/cancellation of extension, the deposit amount with accrued interest will be returned to the Depositor to the account specified by the Depositor in the agreement.
  9. In case of untimely application of the Depositor to the Bank for return of the bank deposit, such deposit shall be prolonged for a new term and on the terms and conditions provided for by the agreement, if such prolongation is provided for by the terms and conditions of the bank deposit agreement concluded.
  10. The depositor may refuse to receive promotional materials of the Bank by contacting the Bank's call center by phone numbers: +38 (050) 734 50 05, +38 (068) 734 50 05, +38 (056) 734 50 05, or by leaving an application on the Bank's website.


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