Why the fixed deposit in CONCORDBANK is just for you

  • Investment of funds for a period of 30 to 370 calendar days with the possibility of choosing the procedure for interest payment: monthly or at the end of the deposit term.
  • The possibility of obtaining a deposit-secured loan in CONCORDBANK.
  • Minimum deposit amount - 50 thousand UAH, maximum deposit amount - 20 million UAH.
  • The Bank is liable for its obligations in any situation, as confirmed by the NBU.

Term Deposit Conditions with interest payment at the end of the period:

Currency, % from 31 to 45 days from 46 to 60 days from 61 to 75 days from 76 to 90 days from 91 to 120 days from 121 to 180 days from 181 to 270 days from 271 to 370 days
UAH, %









Terms for the term deposit with interest payments on the last working day of the current month:

Currency, %from 31 to 45 daysfrom 46 to 60 daysfrom 61 to 75 daysfrom 76 to 90 daysfrom 91 to 120 daysfrom 121 to 180 daysfrom 181 to 270 daysfrom 271 to 370 days

UAH, %









In case of sudden deposit agreement termination at the customer`s initiative, interest is recalculated at a rate of 0.1% (zero point one percent) per annum.

  • The minimal deposit amount is UAH 50 000, the maximal deposit amount is UAH 20 000 000.

Questions and answers

How can I establish a deposit?

  • Fill an application on our official website or visit one of the bank branches.
  • Provide the necessary package of documents if a bank account has not yet been opened.
  • Sign a deposit agreement at any of the bank branches.

Is it possible to obtain a deposit-secured loan?

Yes, in our bank you can obtain a deposit-secured loan.

When can I get my interest?

When establishing a deposit, you can choose the procedure for interest payment: monthly or at the end of the deposit term.

Is it possible to review an agreement in plenty of time?

Standard forms of agreements are available on the bank's website at the address

Is it possible to withdraw deposit funds ahead of schedule?

Yes, there is the possibility of early termination of the agreement. At the same time, deposit funds can be withdrawn with a corresponding statement in case of contacting a bank branch. Accrued interest will be recalculated at a rate — 0,1 %.

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