Payment card “Dokhidna Contactless”- feel financial freedom!
  • • Ability to pay contactless;
  • • + 11% per annum for the entire balance on the card;
  • • 1% cash-back from any purchase;
  • • All utility payments WITHOUT commissions in icON25 online banking;
  • • Cash withdrawal WITHOUT COMMISSION in all ATMs of the country;
  • • 20% cash-back when paying for the Internet “Fregat”
Get your “Dokhidna PayPass” card today!
The documents list required for submission to CONCORD Bank is minimal:
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

Important information

Card tariffs

Public contract

“FC System" Terminal

"EasyPay" Terminals

* According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, personal income tax is deducted from the client's income in the amount of 18% of the income and the war tax in the amount of 1.5% of the income

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«Dokhidna Contactless»

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