Credit card “Groshi do zarplaty”- feel financial freedom!
  • A wide range of credit limits - from UAH 1 000 to 50 000
  • Grace period - 30 calendar days.
  • Convenient repayment schedule - regular payment from the payroll card.
  • Zero commissions - no commission for replenishment of the card in cash and non-cash form, for non-cash payments through Internet banking “icON25”.
  • 24-hour remote control - selection of necessary banking operations through Internet banking "icO2N5".
Кредитный калькулятор
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Get your “Groshi do zarplaty” card today!
The documents list required for submission to CONCORD Bank is minimal:
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  • Photo, at the wish of a client
Fill out an application = get your card for ONE visit to the bank

After filling out this questionnaire, our operator will call you back to clarify the details, and then invite you to pick up the ready card in the nearest branch