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An important event for all women of the Dnipro! Concord bank shareholders handed in Ukraine the first device for preliminary diagnosis of breast cancer

Yesterday, October 3, the shareholders of Concord bank, Julia and Elena Sosedki presented the JMC clinic (Dnipro, Sholom Aleichem, 4/26) a device for preliminary diagnosis of breast cancer - MAMOS NEO.

More than 30 doctors of mammologists and oncologists of the city and region gathered in the "Pchelkin House" (Dnipro) to see the new know-how in the field of examination of women's health and ask all their questions. It is important to understand that such a terrible disease as breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world. 5800 women die each year from him in Ukraine alone, and every 5th death is caused by a too late visit to the doctor. Every 8th falls into the risk zone. The Ministry of Health says that cancer can be cured if it is detected in stage I - in 95% of women, stage II - in 80%, and stage III - in 50% of women. That is why accurate early diagnosis is so important.

On October 3, the shareholders of Concord bank, presenting this device to the JMC clinic, took the first steps to help the women of the Dnieper, and throughout Ukraine in particular, for early preliminary detection of this disease. MAMOS NEO is a revolutionary interactive platform that allows you to do mammological examinations outside of laboratory conditions with a diagnosis accuracy of 78%. After a subsequent ultrasound, this figure can reach up to 98%!

This device is absolutely mobile, that is, it does not require any specific conditions for placement and preliminary diagnostics. One of its main advantages is safety, because examinations at MAMOS NEO can take place: pregnant women, nursing mothers and even adolescents, which can not be said about the traditional diagnostic methods that are now used in medicine - x-ray mammography and ultrasound of the mammary glands.

For example, x-rays are strictly forbidden to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also, in case of detection of the disease, repeated examination according to some data can help increase the rate of division of cancer cells and worsen the condition of the patient. As for the ultrasound of the mammary glands, the error of the results of this examination can be up to 50%, it also does not allow to detect calcium formations in the chest, does not make it possible to assess the condition of the milk ducts and identify small neoplasms on their inner walls.

MAMOS NEO helps to solve these problems in the context of the PRELIMINARY DIAGNOSTICS of the disease, the results of the examination on which, of course, must be MANDATORY confirmed by passing the traditional examination methods. This unit is just a godsend for district hospitals and small clinics in villages.

This is an innovative future of healthcare and women's health at a new modern level, which will help women to see a doctor on time, and thanks to Julia and Elena Neighbors, now it is possible to do this for all women of the Dnieper in Dnipropetrovsk City Hospital No. 5, where the device was transferred for pre-calibration, and already October 15 to December 1, by contacting the JMC clinic (Dnipro, Sholom-Aleichem, 4/26), each of them can be examined on it for FREE, but (so far) with a paid and MANDATORY ultrasound for staging the diagnosis.

This small step and a big event in the present will lead to great achievements in the future! Be healthy!

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