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EN CONCORD Bank became a partner of the National Bank and Cyberpolice in the information campaign #FraudsterGoodbye


CONCORD Bank joins the educational campaign of the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Police to combat fraud in order to jointly disseminate the main rules of financial security on the Internet among Ukrainians. 

The purpose of #FraudsterGoodbye is to raise public awareness of cyber hygiene and create a culture of safe behavior in the virtual space, as well as to remind the basic rules of cashless payment security. 

Over the next few months, ConcordBank will implement a list of activities and publications to explain to its audience simple and effective rules to follow when interacting with cyberspace in financial matters.

“The spread of modern banking products has become commonplace for Ukrainians - it is easy and convenient to pay with payment cards using modern technologies anywhere. But at the same time, the number of risks to citizens is also increasing. According to the cyber police, online fraud accounts for more than 75% of cases of illegal actions using payment cards. Awareness and vigilance of citizens can counteract fraudsters. As a financial institution, we are strengthening our security measures and enhancing our cyber resilience by continuously increasing our expenses on cyber security. However, we realize that a parallel task in combating fraud is to increase the competence of our customers. We support the educational initiatives of our partner the NBU and additionally focus on raising awareness of both young and elderly people in financial matters”, – said Yurii Zadoia, Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank. 

The #FraudsterGoodbye information campaign will continue until the end of the year in all regions of Ukraine. Within the framework of the campaign, CONCORD Bank will disseminate information from the National Bank and implement its own activities to inform public about how to protect themselves from payment fraud.

For reference: The NBU is conducting the All-Ukrainian information campaign on payment security #FraudsterGoodbye together with the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine, as well as with the support of the USAID Financial Sector Reform Project”.

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