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Banking "secrets" and the ritual of turning coins into talismans: ConcordBank organized an unusual excursion for displaced children

As part of the Global Money Week 2023, the official coordinator of which is the National Bank of Ukraine, video lessons, lectures, excursions, contests and events aimed at raising financial awareness are held for preschoolers, schoolchildren and students. 

“Plan your money, care for your future” – is the official name of the Global Money Week 2023. Along with other financial institutions, ConcordBank ("JSC "JSCB "CONCORD") joined this international initiative.

An unusual excursion for the "wards'' of the Dobro Tut Charitable Foundation was held at the ConcordBank headquarters in Dnipro. Displaced children from Mariupol, Volnovakha, Pokrovsk and Sievierodonetsk learned the secrets of keeping money in a bank and blacksmithing rituals of turning coins into talismans. 

Mykhailo Savchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of CONCORD Bank, told the young visitors about his way into the banking world. The children were able to see what customers don't usually see: how a counting machine works, what a cashier does when a counterfeit bill is found, how coins are counted and packaged, and how bank cards work.

A cash-in-transit courier with 12 years of experience told the students what was the largest amount of money he had transported in his life, how the requirements for their work changed during the war, and whether women work as cash-in-transit couriers. The little visitors saw the cash-in-transit vehicle inside and tried on the bulletproof vest that the cash-in-transit courier wears during work.

“Raising financial literacy is a necessity in the modern world, where banking technologies are developing rapidly. It also creates many opportunities that are important to show children and youth. Our excursions for children not only provide information about the bank's work, but also have a social mission. We also showed them the traditions and history of coin production. And the talisman coins made by children according to our unique design will be handed over to the soldiers of the AFU in hospitals in Dnipro city. The most important words are written on the coins: “For freedom and victory!” – said Yurii Zadoia, Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank.

Read more about the event: https://gorod.dp.ua/news/216783

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