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The branches on duty of ConcordBank operate in the joint POWER BANKING network

At the initiative of the National Bank of Ukraine, all systemic banks of the country have united into a single POWER BANKING network to work and provide banking services to customers even in a critical situation during the blackout.

In the conditions of blackout, a certain list of urgent banking services will be available for all customers in the branches of the POWER BANKING network, namely: 

  • cash withdrawal (at ATMs or at a cash desk);
  • payments, transfer of funds (at a cash desk or in self-service terminals);
  • currency exchange (in case of availability of cash currency at a cash desk);
  • consultations of managers on financial issues.

Branches of the POWER BANKING network serve customers of all banks, regardless of which bank they are a customer of.

The map of POWER BANKING network branches is regularly updated on a separate website of the National Bank, where you can find more information about the network, a list of its branches, ATM roaming, tips and answers to frequently asked questions: https://power.bank.gov.ua

For convenience, we recommend that you periodically download an updated pdf-file with this list to your mobile devices - so you will always have up-to-date information about bank branches at your fingertips, even if you do not have access to the Internet. 

The branches of the joint banking network can be identified by special marking "POWER BANKINGˮ at the entrance. This sign will indicate that the branch is specially equipped and will work during long-term power outages.

Everything will be Victory!

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