​Concord bank has released a prepaid card that takes only 30 seconds to get with a Telegram installed on your smartphone!

Concord bank today unveiled its new X-card prepaid card!
This is a virtual instant card for which you do not need to go to the bank and provide your passport and SSC. Just go to the Telegram application in the search bar to write: @ConcordPrepaidbot or just follow the link https://t.me/ConcordPrepaidbot , specify your phone number and with 30 seconds of your free time! Everything is simple, convenient and fast!

This is the FIRST, and so far, the ONLY prepaid card in Ukraine, for which there is a handy PRIVATE chat bot!

Smile as you also get to know your little Dragon Assistant from Concord bank in a chat bot
It will not only charge you with positive emotions, but as a talisman, it will bring wealth and success into your life, connecting you to a universe of endless possibilities.
And also, he will tell you the latest news of the bank, show you new services and, of course, help in solving all your questions!

What do you generally get with a Concord bank prepaid X-card:
- Payments for all goods and services on the Internet with a commission of 0% (in Ukraine in UAH)
- Mobile payment with 0% commission (via telegram bot)
- Replenishment of the card with 0% commission through PrivatBank terminals
- P2P transfers via chat bot
- One-touch payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay
- Transfers between Concord bank cards and cards of other banks
- View balance on card
- Full anonymity of all payments
- 24/7 Assistant Telegram to solve all your questions

How to use:
Concord bank's X-card has all the bank features - number, expiration date and CVV code, so it can be used for all online and offline payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay, but only in Ukraine

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