Concord Bank acted as the main financial partner for ITEM Product Kyiv 2019

On June 7, successful business owners and productive managers gathered at the all-Ukrainian conference "ITEM2019" in Kyiv, which this year was devoted to modern methods - Customer Development.

Within the framework of the event, the following issues were considered:

- How to apply Customer Development processes and save money and money at the same time;

- Why do any new product need to start with Customer Development and how to put Customer Development on the stream by implementing it in the processes of your company;

- How to apply Deep dive - the modern method of Customer Development on the example of their own products, to continue to use in their own projects;

Concord Bank as General Financial Partner PRESENTED YOUR NEW PRODUCT, which will help all online business owners to double the amount of payments on the sites.
And more :
- gave the cool prizes in a win-win lottery;
- treated delicious cool gin-tonic of all those who like;
- offered to try their hand at solving interesting puzzles and playing among all participants of the conference their most prestigious VIP-card Visa Infinite!

It was fun and fun!

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