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Concord Fintech Solutions at the World Economic Forum in Davos

From January 16 to 20, the annual World Economic Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland, with the theme "Cooperation in a Fragmented World". The Forum is a well-known and effective platform for communication between business and political players.

The Ukrainian pavilion in Davos was also visited by the delegation of Concord Fintech Solutions, the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine. Tetiana Dashevska, Project Manager of NEOBANK for Business (Concord Fintech Solutions product), spoke about the forum's features, her impressions and results of the trip.

“The Forum is a whole city with many well-known global companies represented in it. Every house is a company or a country. Ukraine is represented there at the highest level. The Ukrainian House had the most people and an amazing atmosphere of support. Many world politicians and businessmen communicate with Ukrainian businesses here and learn more about the processes in Ukraine, what opportunities we see and how we use them in the conditions of war”, – says the representative of the Concord Fintech Solutions.

The main role at the Davos Forum is given to networking, general global trends and ways to solve major problems. There is a lot of free communication between the participants and a significant interest of the world in Ukraine. 

“We are supported, we are interested, and Ukrainian business has a lot to show and offer the world in return. The forum is a great opportunity to present yourself and find interesting contacts for development and partnership. There is interest in both our NEOBANK and Ukrainian digital banking standards, so we will share the results of our meetings later”, – said Tatiana Dashevska. 

The main conclusion from the Davos Forum is that it is very difficult to understand how humanity develops such incredible technologies but is powerless to stop open terrorism. 

“Many people said that one country should not confront such a great evil as Russian aggression. That states should unite and help Ukraine.  The key insight is that the world is now asking not only how to stop our war, but also to have a tool to stop wars around the world. The Russian invasion and terrorism have corrected the misconception for many in the world that international organizations can quickly influence countries and stop aggression. Now the world is beginning to think about how we can continue to maintain peace on earth…”, – said Tetiana Dashevska.

Ukrainian digital bank NEOBANK is the flagship product of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions, whose main platform is ConcordBank.

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