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ConcordBank comments on the application of NBU influence measures

According to the results of disclosure by the NBU of information on the application of measures of influence in the sphere of violation of financial monitoring in June 2022 to ConcordBank we inform the following.

According to the results of the inspection the National Bank of Ukraine paid attention to the activities and financial transactions of the bank's clients - financial institutions and their partners, which are also subjects of the primary financial monitoring, which are subordinated to and inspected directly by the National Bank of Ukraine, the specific weight of financial transactions of which are transfers of individuals, payments for services and goods online, including payments for utilities, cell phone top-up, online game payments, access to the Internet, etc.

Regarding the NBU's measures of influence on financial monitoring, ConcordBank notes that some of the violations have occurred and that all necessary measures will be taken to avoid such violations in the future. In particular, the bank has already taken into account the recommendations to make changes to the internal regulations of the bank on financial monitoring, in particular regarding the automation of certain processes to study the activities of clients and related to the organization of the internal banking system and primary financial monitoring.

The Bank uses the world's best practices in banking activities in order to minimize risks, and a comprehensive assessment and reassessment of risks on the issues of financial monitoring of the bank and payment systems has been and is being carried out on an ongoing basis. Now at the request of the bank a well-known international company is conducting an audit of the activities, including regarding violations and shortcomings in the activities and internal procedures of the bank, established from the point of view of the National Bank, and which will provide its unbiased opinion.

At the same time, some of the alleged violations require further clarification. ConcordBank reserves the right to defend its position in court.

The Bank notes that in the current situation it is particularly important to ensure the rule of law for the sake of preserving and developing business.

ConcordBank has been in strict compliance with the law and regulator's requirements throughout its existence. In wartime conditions the bank remains stable, complies with NBU regulations, has no restrictions in its activities and continues to meet all obligations to customers, partners and employees in full.

Even in such circumstances, the bank ensures uninterrupted customer service not only offline, but also in digital channels; retains and creates new jobs for employees, and provides them with the necessary support if they or their relatives are in the AFU.

As part of the Concord Fintech Solutions ecosystem (which also includes the DobroDiy Charity Exchange), the bank is actively involved in supporting the armed forces and humanitarian and charitable projects. In total, the amount of support for these projects since the beginning of the war is more than 50 million hryvnias.

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