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CONCORDBANK announces a competitive selection for audit firms!

CONCORDBANK invites auditing entities to participate in the tender for the selection of an audit firm to conduct a mandatory audit of the Bank's 2020 financial statements in accordance with the tender documentation.

Audit firms are invited to participate in the Competition that meet the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Auditing Financial Statements and Auditing Activities” and are included in the Register of Auditing Firms and Auditors, in particular in the section “Audit Entities Eligible to Perform Mandatory Audit of the Financial Statements of Enterprises Representing public interest."

Proposals for participation in the competition are accepted until July 31, 2020 inclusively by e-mail: i.neviedrov@concord.ua and i.maksymova@concord.ua

Requirements for participants:

  • firm's experience in the field of auditing financial statements of banks and assessing the quality of bank assets in the industry;
  • the presence of an impeccable reputation, the absence of violations of the laws of Ukraine claims, scandals and any penalties, professional ethics and international audit standards;
  • the availability of information on the absence of a conflict of interest, which may adversely affect the objectivity of the audit firm;
  • the presence of a valid Certificate of Conformity of the quality control system of audit services;
  • the presence of professional experience of the audit team, in particular partners, the availability of certificates, licenses, necessary documents for the right to conduct audit activities;
  • the availability of the cost of audit services and quality assurance of the information provided

What documents must be submitted to the bank to participate in the tender:

  • An application for participation in the Competition, drawn up in any form with information about the audit firm, founders, management and contact person (last name, first name and middle name, email address, phonenumber, etc.)
  • Assurances of compliance with the requirements of independence determined by the Law on Auditing and Resolution No. 89 of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine, limiting the active participation of a key audit partner in the performance of the mandatory audit of financial statements, the provision of services, reliability and disclosure of information that must be contained in the audit report on the results of the audit of the financial statements of the Bank

Information about the audit team:

  • total number of employees,
  • a description of the proposed composition of the auditors who will conduct the audit, their qualifications and experience (provide copies of supporting documents provided for by the legislation of Ukraine).
  • a price offer on the cost of the audit of the financial statements of the Bank in the national currency of Ukraine (with or without VAT) and all associated costs (expenses of auditors, payment of taxes and fees, etc.), schedule of the audit and terms of payment for services
  • materials / documents / examples confirming the experience in the market of audit services and the client base
  • a copy of the certificate of inclusion of the audit firm in a Separate section of the Register of auditors and audit entities authorized to conduct a mandatory audit of the financial statements of enterprises of public interest
  • confirmation that the amount of remuneration of the audit firm received for the previous annual reporting period from each of the enterprises of public interest and which provided the services of mandatory audit of financial statements during this period did not exceed 15 percent of the total amount of income from the provision of audit services.
  • assurances of absence (or documents of presence) in the audit firm, its head and / or auditors working in the audit firm (at the main place of work or part-time), any penalties that have been applied over the past three years by the body regulating audit activities

The winner will be selected until August 17, 2020. The winner will be informed no later than the next business day after the Supervisory Board of the Bank approves the results of the Competition, and the news will be published no later than the next business day after the copy of the audit services agreement is submitted to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Waiting for your suggestions!)

Read more about the stages of selection, the procedure for selecting the winner and the documents that must be submitted to the bank to participate in the competition here

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