From now on, we launch GooglePay and GarminPay

Currently, only 18 banks out of 77 have this option

- You no longer need to carry a purse with you constantly - simply add a card to your account on the smartphone.

- All the necessary information is now always at your fingertips. For example, in the main screen there are lists of recent purchases.

- Do not worry about the security of your data. In Google Pay, they are securely protected with the latest technology. In addition, when paying the number of your card is not transferred anywhere.

How to connect for free:

1. By ordering a Visa Gold card from Concord Bank, we charge it for free at any branch of Concord Bank of the country for free;

2. Replenish the card without commission at the Concord Bank's cash desk, via icON25, Privat Bank terminals or Privat 24;

3. We download the Google Pay app, enter the card data and pay off anywhere with your smartphone;

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