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Wheels of Victory: ConcordBank financed the purchase of large trucks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for UAH 8.5 million.

Yesterday in Kyiv, volunteers handed over a batch of large trucks to representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The action was the result of joint cooperation between the DobroDii Charity Exchange, the Modern Ukraine Charitable Foundation, the FRONT-ART volunteer group and representatives of socially responsible Ukrainian business (ConcordBank).

“We have already donated over UAH 100 million to help the AFU. We donate not only personal funds to the Victory, but also a significant part of our business profits - this is the unchanging policy of CONCORD Bank. And we are grateful to our friends and partners with whom we can do more, on a larger scale. 

 Charity is an act of the soul and a call of the heart, it has no measure. However, the equipment for the front has it. That's why UAH 8.6 million turned into strong wheels for the AFU, which will make our way to victory shorter”, – said Olena Sosiedka, founder of the DobroDii Charity Exchange, philanthropist and chairman of the Supervisory Board of CONCORD Bank. 

 Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and with the support of partners, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (military unit A0598) received the first 4 trucks. Three of them are manufactured by the German automotive concern MAN SEA, and another by the Swedish concern Volvo Group. Along with the trucks, the philanthropists also donated two trailers, which are essential for the transportation of large equipment and other logistical needs of the defenders. 

 “It was not easy to transport the trucks and even more difficult to find them. But thanks to the support of our partners and the desperation of our volunteers, they are here in Ukraine today. Because everyone who contributed to their purchase understands that now these are wheels for the attack, and tomorrow they will bring us the victory we all want. Let them serve and help the country regain its own”, – said Volodymyr Havrysh, President of the Modern Ukraine Foundation.

 Another 2 trucks and 1 trailer are currently on their way to Ukraine and will be delivered to the defenders of Ukraine upon arrival and completion of all necessary maintenance. The total cost of all the equipment transferred to the army is over UAH 8.5 million. Financial support of the initiative is provided by the DobroDii Charity Exchange, the operational processes of procurement are provided by the Modern Ukraine Foundation, and additional technical maintenance of the trucks is provided by FrontArt.

 “By supporting such initiatives, we give our "frontline artists" a chance to avoid being distracted by everyday issues and focus on more global challenges and strategies for protecting the country. I am grateful to all the partners who helped make this idea a reality. Together, both on the front line and on the volunteer front, Ukrainians are endowed with superhuman strength”, – commented Ihor Abramovych, founder of the FRONT-ART volunteer group. 

 Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were present during the key handover ceremony, emphasized the value of the equipment donated by the volunteers and presented personal thanks to the benefactors from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

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