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Mission completed: NEOBANK handed over equipment worth UAH 200 thousand to the Territorial Defense Forces of the AFU

Inventory worth UAH 200 thousand was transferred to the Territorial Defense Forces of the AFU on behalf of all customers who participated in the Easter Space Mission game in the NEOBANK digital bank application. 

As a reminder, in April, NEOBANK, one of the three leading digital banks in Ukraine, made its first attempt at a charity game, which was supported by 11,347 customers. As promised, all the Easter eggs caught by the players turned into real help for the AFU. The project managers and shareholders of CONCORD Bank, under whose license NEOBANK operates, turned more than 197 thousand points gained by the players into a charitable contribution of UAH 200 thousand to the Territorial Defense Forces. DobroDii Charity Exchange acted as the operating fund. 

We purchased 1.5 thousand pioneer spades for the AFU, which are very necessary for our defenders at the front. In turn, the Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the AFU, Major General Ihor Tantsiura, awarded Oksana Muntian, NEOBANK project manager, with a certificate of appreciation for her assistance and cooperation in helping the Ukrainian army. 

“We are happy to be able to help the Ukrainian army at the front. This is our joint project with our clients. Players were very active, involving their relatives and friends to collect as many points as possible and increase assistance to the AFU. We are grateful to the participants of our first game and infinitely grateful to the AFU, who are recapturing Ukrainian lands”, - said Oksana Muntian, NEOBANK project manager.

According to a customer survey, 72% of Easter Space Mission players rated the game in a charity format at 10 out of 10, and 77% want NEOBANK to hold such activities more often, and 88% rated the game as a charity project format at 10 out of 10.

Therefore, on the occasion of its birthday, NEOBANK announced a festive quest with gifts for its customers. In the game, customers explore the app's universe, complete tasks, and collect rewards:

  • 100 participants who will be the first to collect all the awards will receive UAH 1,000 cashback;
  • another 50 cashbacks worth UAH 1,000 will be raffled among other participants.

And if you're not on board yet, it's time to download the app.

The conditions of the promotion can be viewed at the link.

NEOBANK operates under the license of ConcordBank and is the flagship project of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions.

CFS has already invested more than UAH 106 million in the Victory. Concord Fintech Solutions regularly donates a significant portion of its profits to the needs of the Ukrainian army and hospitals (up to 50% in some months).

Olena Sosiedka, co-founder of Concord Fintech Solutions, is among the 50 most influential women in FinTech according to the Ukrainian Association of FinTech Companies (UAFIC).

CFS also includes ConcordPay payment service, ProCard processing center, CordPay international payment system, MustPay IT company and DobroDii Charity Exchange.

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