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Awards for the best: the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ConcordBank established an award in honor of the fallen teacher of the Lyceum of Information Technologies Serhii Stolbtsov

The initiative to establish an award in honor of Serhii Stolbtsov, a geography teacher at the Dnipro Lyceum of Information Technologies (LIT) who died defending Ukraine in 2022, was taken by Olena Sosiedka, philanthropist, co-founder of the Concord Fintech Solutions fintech ecosystem and chairman of the Supervisory Board of CONCORD Bank.

During the first award ceremony held on May 6 in Dnipro, 35 teachers and 38 students of the lyceum received the Prize. 

The Serhii Stolbtsov Prize was awarded to the best students of the Dnipro Lyceum of Information Technologies who won national and regional competitions and contests of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in various disciplines, as well as to the teachers of the LIT who had the greatest professional success during the academic year.

The financing of the socially important project was undertaken by CONCORD Bank, with DobroDii Charity Exchange acting as the operating fund.

“LIT is not only the pride of Dnipropetrovsk region. This is the pride of Ukraine. The best education, the best teachers, really hard selection for admission, hard training... Students of the LIT are the future intellectual elite of the country and, perhaps, the world. Now, during the war, it seems to me especially important to support them, to emphasize how important their successes are, how important they are for us - their future employers, their countrymen, their fellow citizens. It is especially important that the award we have established is in honor of the Teacher, Defender, Hero. Not only the monetary reward, but also the name of Serhii Stolbtsov, in my opinion, adds motivation to the lyceum students to receive the prize”, – says Olena Sosiedka.

It is planned that the S.V. Stolbtsov Prize will also be awarded in the form of a grant program from ConcordBank for graduates to continue their education, as well as projects to support their future employment in Ukraine.

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