Having a prepaid card is even easier: following the Telegram Assistant CONCORDBANK has created a chat bot in Viber!

We didn't have time to announce the launch of a prepaid card, which can be issued via Telegram, as our chat bot became available in Viber - ConcordPrepaidbot. From now on you can get your own X-card in both applications and in only 30 seconds!

An “X-card" prepaid card is a virtual instant card that does not require you to contact your bank or provide a passport or IDN. All you need is a smartphone and half a minute of free time. Just go to viber and provide your phone number.

X-card is the ONLY prepaid card in Ukraine that can be issued as quickly as possible, and also in TWO separate chatbots!

The Viber bot has an interactive interface that comes to life thanks to our favorite dragon helper familiar to Telegram chat bot users. When something doesn't work out - he misses out on the load of the operation - pauses and enjoys martini! The dragon has many features that will be useful for you. Not only will he tell you the latest news and fresh offers, he will also help you solve important issues. Also, the bot itself calls for technical support if you have any difficulties.

Dragon Assistant will give positive emotions, make everyday banking operations enjoyable and easy. The chat bot also has its own animated stickers. To receive them as a gift, just share the link on your Viber bot with your friends and acquaintances!

Why use CONCORDBANK's X-card prepaid card is so convenient:

- Pay for any goods and services online with a 0% commission (national currency in Ukraine)

- Replenish the card without fee through the terminals of PrivatBank and CONCORDBANK

- Make P2P transfers in the chat bot

- Pay for goods or services through Google Pay or Apple Pay with one touch of a smartphone

- Send transfers to CONCORDBANK and other bank cards

- Quickly and conveniently check your card balance.

- Rest assured that all payments are anonymous

- Use a smart dragon helper 24/7.

How the X-card works

The card has all the features of bank cards (number, expiration date and CVV code). It is valid and can be used for any online or Google Pay and Apple Pay payments by smartphone. However, it is important to know that the card is valid only in the territory of Ukraine, and transactions are possible only in national currency. The maximum balance on the card is UAH 14,000, and the cash flow is up to UAH 62,000 per year.

Card design really takes 30 seconds:

- Download the Viber from the App Store / Play Market on your smartphone

- Follow the link

- The bot will show you some simple steps to complete the design


Three simple steps are at your disposal with the cool X-card from Concord bank. You will be delighted with the cute helper dragon who will always help and answer all questions 24/7.

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To learn more about Concord X's X-card, read the details here:

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