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Olena Sosiedka joined the panel discussion at the TechFin Expert Summit 2021 conference

Olena Sosiedka, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ConcordBank and founder of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions, joined the TechFin Expert Summit 2021 conference, which took place in Kyiv on July 22.

During the panel discussion "Techfin in Ukraine" and the discussion of the new law of Ukraine "On Payment Services", Olena noted that the prospects for market development in this direction depend solely on market participants.

“It all depends on which players will enter this segment, as well as on the legal framework: bylaws, regulations of the National Bank, and so on, which will provide working mechanisms for this activity. Of course, there will be problems. Because this is a new market and new rules. However, it will be an interesting competition that will make us all stronger. Every movement of humanity has two sides of the same coin and it is up to us how we take advantage of new opportunities”, – said Olena Sosiedka during her speech.

We remind you that TechFin Expert Summit 2021 is the first in Ukraine expert conference for techfin players and experts, representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The event was organized by PaySpace Magazine and the international payment company Mastercard.

We also remind you that Concord Fintech Solutions is an open fintech ecosystem, within which financial market participants can create and develop their own fintech projects. The single infrastructure of the ecosystem is formed by ConcordBank, independent processing center ProCard, payment service ConcordPay, IT-company MustPay, billing system MassPay and charity exchange "Dobrodiy".

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