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Elena Sosedka: "We have built the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine"

The first fintech ecosystem appeared in Ukraine - Concord Fintech Solutions, which provides clients with tools to create and develop their own fintech projects. It was announced on December 3 at the SHE Congress conference by Elena Sosedka, a non-entrepreneur, head of the ConcordBank supervisory board and a member of NABU.

“We were the first in Ukraine to build and continue to build and develop a large open ecosystem of Concord Fintech Solutions, with the help of which our clients and partners can create their own fintech projects. The ecosystem is ready to attract players of the fintech market both from Ukraine and from other countries, providing a whole range of financial services, banking services and IT solutions", – Olena said.

The main partners of the new ecosystem will be banks, financial services and IT companies that are planning to create their own fintech projects, both foreign and regional. For this, Concord Fintech Solutions includes its own business infrastructure and a pool of companies, including an independent processing center PROCARD, acquiring CONCORDPAY, IT company MUSTPAY, billing system MASSPAY and many others.

In addition, within the ecosystem and in partnership with Neo.Pro, the NEOBANK digital bank for individuals is being prepared for launch. persons, legal entities individuals and individual entrepreneurs and with a product line, like a traditional bank.

She also added that for individuals, clients of ConcordBank, it will become available on December 22 of this year, and for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities - in February 2021. In addition to various financial and IT instruments, the DobroDiy charitable foundation is also represented in the structure of the Concord Fintech Solutions ecosystem, which, within the framework of the CSR direction, provides assistance to children with serious illnesses, veterans of the Second World War and ATO, as well as the elderly.

“This is the first fully digital charity exchange in Ukraine. In this case, all 100% of donations go directly to the addressee, and ConcordBank pays the rest of the costs, such as staff salaries, office maintenance and the platform itself. This year we launched a chatbot in Telegram (https://t.me/myidpbot), where you can order and pay for the delivery of beautiful Dutch flowers, and all the money raised for them will go to charity”, – concluded Elena Sosedka.

Recall that ConcordBank became the first among non-state banks to launch Internet acquiring Concord Pay with options from Apple Pay, Google Pay Masterpass, merchant tokenization and 3ds 2: 1, which allowed the leaders of the Ukrainian online business to increase the conversion of their trading platforms. It also entered the top 10 most successful banks in the country in the Internet banking and Mobile banking categories at the FINANCIAL CLUB AWARDS 2019.

CONCORDPAY is a system for instantly accepting payments for purchases, payments and transfers on the site from payment cards, allows you to make payments through ApplePay and GooglePay, makes it possible to carry out tokenization, 3ds2.1 and much more.

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