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Update from Visa Telemedicine for premium card holders

Visa Telemedicine is a service aimed at supporting and caring for the health and psychological state of Ukrainians. 

From now on, new services are available to Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite premium cardholders, namely:

1. Medical support. 

Premium cardholders can ask a doctor any health questions online free of charge or send test results and get advice (5 consultations per year with Visa Platinum card and unlimited number of consultations per year with Visa Infinite card). 

New! An important change - now the service is also available to family members of the cardholder. 

2. Psychological support. 

Up to 5 free personalized online sessions are available for Visa Infinite owners. 

New! Telemedicine by Visa, together with the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists and the Family Psychotherapy Section, has created a line of psychological support for holders of all cards. In addition, 5 free consultations are available here, including for the whole family. Duration of the 1st session is up to 45 minutes.

3. Nutritionist support.

For Visa Infinite owners, up to 5 free personal online sessions with personal plan formation are available (psychologist or nutritionist of your choice). 

4. Online lectures.

Telemedicine by Visa has adapted topics from Wellbeing to current ones and will invite interesting speakers.

The first lecture by Spartak Subota - About Stress Resistance - available to all Visa New cardholders! 

The second lecture by Olena Dobrodniak - Family relations during the war - available to all Visa New cardholders! 

All announcements are available in VisaChatBot. 

Take care of your health easily and quickly.

More details on the website visa.com.ua

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