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Let's rejoice together! We have launched one-click joint payments with Google Pay and Fintech-company LeoGaming!

Fintech-company LeoGaming launches a new payment method for its projects and partner acquiring!
This is a Google Pay wallet.
Thanks to it, customers can make one-click payments on partner sites and applications.
From now on, not only iOS device owners, but also Android and Windows users can pay in one click within the international payment system LEO.
The pilot launch of Google Pay is carried out by LeoGaming together with ConcordBank!

"Launching Google Pay for our customers and partners is a long-awaited update that has been a priority №1 for the last few months.
We are grateful to our partners from ConcordBank for their active support and professionalism.
We are confident that the launch of Google Pay will not only increase the conversion of our acquiring, but also make our universal payment solution for business more competitive,
" said LeoGaming CEO Alyona Degrik Shevtsova.

What does it mean?
Google Pay provides access to fast and secure payments:
- in mobile applications and on the websites of our partners;
- in all LeoGaming projects: LeoWallet, ParkingUA;
- on the site leogaming.net

"The process of connecting the payment method is easy and fast.
At the same time, Google Pay protects the personal information of users, prevents the possibility of account hacking, increases the conversion of payments and makes the payment process comfortable for the customer.
All this is possible thanks to the integration of ConcordBank with Apple / Google's own software package ConcordPay
", - commented the Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank Yuri Zadoya.

Also interested in Google Pay? Read more and leave an online application here

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